The Time is Near to Roll Up The Sleeves

In many stories we hear about courage, the people who fight for positive change end up being ostracized—and sometimes even lose their jobs and reputation. What we have seen in the course of social change tells a more nuanced story. Most acts of courage don’t come from whistleblowers or organizational martyrs. Instead, they come from respected […]

Who is Indigen?

This Book is About 2 Things: Integration & Creativity As with many indigenous people around the world that were colonized and assimilated into western religions and beliefs, we have learned to keep an open mind to the endless possibilities in other people’s ideas. No Indigenous person will hear of the love of Christ and not […]

Inner Visions, Daydreams & Intuitions

inner visions

Where Do I Belong? One deep trauma and vulnerability I have, is my sense of a lack of belonging in the world. It did not matter where I have lived; my home country of Nigeria, the United States, or the communities within which I serve, there is always a nudging feeling that I do not belong, […]

Divine Light & The Human Mind

divine light and the human mind

Divine Light is Everywhere Divine Light is occurring all at once, everywhere. You can call it GOD, Universe, or the source of all energy. In our heart, we know what we are referring to. The Illumination of the Light is in all places, is fully Manifest in every point of space, and is Conscious of […]

Divine Protection is The Truth

divine protection is the truth

Surrendering to The Divine Protection of God God does protect to the extent of our surrender. No matter what our karma or destiny is, when we surrender, He does extend divine protection. It is so easy to absorb things that are not good for us. The many camouflaged images on television that are not born […]