Rising From The Ashes of Trauma to Achieve Spiritual Growth

The Remarkable Journey of A Wounded Healer

Merging Timeless Ancient Wisdom with Innovative Modern Science to Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment

Indigen is the eye-opening story of Khadijat – a spiritually gifted child from Nigeria – who emerges from a traumatic early life of severe physical, mental, and sexual abuse to become a successful spiritual psychotherapist in the United States. Through her memoir, she reveals her troubled childhood in vivid detail, the tough decisions she had to make, and her profound spiritual experiences that set her life on a whole new path toward enlightenment.

Khadijat shows us what true healing is about and what it means to be a healer. She encourages us to get to the root of our traumas, rise from the ashes of misery, and embark on an inner journey toward self-discovery and growth. Indigen is a book that goes far beyond the limits of conventional thinking. Through her words, she merges the ancient wisdom of various cultures with modern science and quantum mechanics to help people achieve mental and spiritual transformations. She also provides real-life case studies from her practice to reveal how methodologies like aura analysis, past life regression, and other approaches can change the lives of others.

Khadijat Quadri embodies the archetype of the wounded healer. Indigen is a testimony to her resilient spirit and the transformative power of love and affirmation. Having endured significant abuse in her youth with extraordinary grace, she now utilizes the lessons learned, alongside indigenous wisdom and modern technologies, to heal others. While many of her beliefs and methods are considered unconventional by mainstream clinicians and scientists, the essence of true healing lies in the authentic, compassionate, and coherent interactions she offers her clients and describes in her book.

Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell MD

Psychiatry & Neurology – Psychiatry

A New Release!

Reading INDIGEN gave me goosebumps. Khadijat has an ability to describe deeply emotional and psychological processes with a natural ease and surprising clarity. INDIGEN was not only helpful for me as a healer, but simply moving to the core with the countless human experiences she touches on in this book. Both personal and through many clients’ stories she even brings all this in context with societal phenomenon.

If you or a loved one had to navigate any kind of emotional or psychological crisis, you could only dream of finding a psychotherapist with the depth of consciousness, connection to the universal energy and ability to connect to the light like Khadijat.

Dr. Bernard Straile

 Developer of The SHOW Method, an epigenetic healing method.

Khadijat Quadri, LPC, NCC, CHt


Meet Khadijat

The Visionary Author of Indigen

Khadijat Quadri, nee Omobolanle Khadijat Alatise, was born in the native Ijebu-Ode tribe of Nigeria. She grew up in Lagos and migrated to the United States at the age of twenty-two. Quadri is a Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with decades of experience in clinical mental health, holistic healing methods, development, and implementation of community based mental health and education programs. Her education includes multiple advanced degrees in Mental Health Counseling, International Development from St Mary’s University, and Mastery in Global Mental Health Trauma and Recovery from Harvard University.

She received additional training in Contemplative Group Therapy, Transpersonal Psychology, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki Energy Healing, Astrological Psychology, Advanced GDV Assessment, Advanced Integrative Therapy, Energy Psychology, Biofeedback Modalities, and Sound Frequency Healing.

Her past experiences range from developing programs for refugee communities, infant mortality, and developing education programs for low-income communities. She currently operates a transpersonal and intuitive counseling private practice in San Antonio, Texas, and has a wide range of practical experience in trauma and mental health recovery. She has routinely treated mental health issues ranging from personality disorders to depression, anxiety, grief, Attention Deficit Disorders, sexual abuse, mood disorders and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders.

Providing services to more than thirty thousand clients over a span of twenty-five years, she has conducted thousands of energy healing sessions, hypnotherapy, and holistic therapies to clients in various communities around the world.  Khadijat has worked with individuals on their spiritual journeys, abused and neglected children, autism disorders and provided counseling to couples and families. Khadijat is a multifaceted educator whose global work and educational offerings have extended beyond traditional counseling to assisting countless lives in spiritual awakening and consciousness transformation.

Growing up within the Islamic faith and attending Christian colleges, Khadijat developed an intimate understanding of both religions and spiritual practices and engaged in decades of consistent meditation and contemplative practice later in life. She undertook a more intimate spiritual journey where she practiced Dzogchen meditation, Zen philosophy, and the Noble Eightfold Path of the Buddhist contemplations. She enjoys chanting, shamanic healing, sound healing therapies and is versed in over a hundred spiritual chants and mantras from across religions.  Khadijat’s international travels extend beyond multiculturalism to providing education, research studies, mental health development projects while immersing herself in the beauty and wisdom all faiths and cultures have to offer.

Her practice has a 95% retention rate because of a creative and transpersonal approach that provides a full spectrum of the client’s cognitive, transcendental, and spiritual life paths. Through her intimate dance with spirit, she can weave gentle, creative models that are insightful for clients’ journeys.