The Healing Journey Towards Self-Discovery

Indigen is A Spiritual & Multicultural Guide For Psychotherapists & Healers, Coming Soon in Paperback & eBook

The Journey of
A Wounded Healer

Indigen is the eye-opening story of Khadijat – a spiritually gifted child from Nigeria – who emerges from a traumatic early life of severe physical, mental, and sexual abuse to become a successful spiritual psychotherapist in the United States. Through her memoir, she reveals her troubled childhood in vivid detail, the tough decisions she had to make, and her profound spiritual experiences that set her life on a whole new path towards enlightenment.

Praise for Indigen

This book carries the weight of 20 years of collected experiences: being abused, betrayed, and let down, stumbling and getting up again, searching, learning, and healing. It shows us what integrity is and what being true to yourself is.

Verele Vorstman MSc, GMBPsS

This book is a profound journey that delves into the complexities of the human mind and spirit, offering readers valuable insights into personal development and self awareness.

Gwen Foster, Owner of NuVision

Even in the darkest of dark, Khadijat Quadri sees God’s light. She is fearlessly resilient and a leader, especially for those who are lost. Khadijat is an inspiration to say YES to His mission, just as Mary did.

Denise P. Krohn Ph.D

“Anyone in possession of the Light of God within is a healer. Anyone whose mind is open to the inflow of divine wisdom & whose heart emanates the love that comes from God is a healer. We understand that all healing comes from divine light & we are but vessels for extending the light.”

~ Indigen, Intro

Khadijat Quadri, LPC, NCC, CHt


Meet Khadijat

The Visionary Author of Indigen

Khadijat Quadri, nee Omobolanle Khadijat Alatise, was born in the native Ijebu-Ode tribe of Nigeria. She grew up in Lagos and migrated to the United States at the age of twenty-two. Quadri is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with decades of experience in clinical mental health. She has a private practice and is experienced in program development and implementation of community-based mental health programs. Her education includes advanced degrees in mental health counseling and international development.

She received additional training in contemplative group therapy, transpersonal psychology, hypnotherapy, Reiki energy healing, astrological psychology, advanced GDV assessment, advanced integrative therapy, energy psychology, Biofeedback modalities, and sound frequency healing. Her past experiences range from developing programs for refugee communities, curbing infant mortality, and developing education programs for low-income communities. She currently operates a transpersonal and intuitive counseling private practice in San Antonio, Texas, and has a wide range of practical experience in trauma and mental health recovery.

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Internal Reflections on Life & Spirituality

inner visions

Inner Visions, Daydreams & Intuitions

Where Do I Belong? One deep trauma and vulnerability I have, is my sense of a lack of belonging in the world. It did not matter where I have lived; my home country of Nigeria, the United States, or the communities within which I serve, there is always a nudging feeling

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divine light and the human mind

Divine Light & The Human Mind

Divine Light is Everywhere Divine Light is occurring all at once, everywhere. You can call it GOD, Universe, or the source of all energy. In our heart, we know what we are referring to. The Illumination of the Light is in all places, is fully Manifest in every point of

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divine protection is the truth

Divine Protection is The Truth

Surrendering to The Divine Protection of God God does protect to the extent of our surrender. No matter what our karma or destiny is, when we surrender, He does extend divine protection. It is so easy to absorb things that are not good for us. The many camouflaged images on

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Join Khadijat for Her Book Launch & Signing

Join Khadijat for her upcoming booksigning event in San Antonio Texas. She will be hosting an event on the 3rd of August at the historic Menger hotel, as well as a 2nd event on the 17th at the LYND rooftop. Select your date by clicking below to learn more.