The Time is Near to Roll Up The Sleeves

In many stories we hear about courage, the people who fight for positive change end up being ostracized—and sometimes even lose their jobs and reputation. What we have seen in the course of social change tells a more nuanced story.

Most acts of courage don’t come from whistleblowers or organizational martyrs. Instead, they come from respected insiders at all levels who take action—be it campaigning for a risky strategic move, pushing to change an unfair policy, or speaking out against unethical behavior—because they believe it’s the right thing to do.

Their reputations and track records enable them to make more headway than those on the margins or outside the organization could. And when they manage the process well, they don’t necessarily pay a high price for their actions; instead, they may be the ones that create positive change.

Speaking Truth to Power

A great change is upon us, and God’s timing has come. We will see corrupt leadership fall from all corners of the planet and a new dawn will rise. Out of nowhere, God will raise the Ensign. The voice who brings the light of truth to power.

There are fundamental requirements for the new earth. Being a field of sheer light, it requires transparency, openness and recognition. The things of the dark, the things devoid of light, must be brought to the open if a person is to cross into it.

Evil can be termed only one way: when a person intentionally harms another, withholds help, ignores evil for the sake of his or her own self-image, helps with a personal and hidden motive- THAT IS EVIL. Evil seeks to arouse indifference in people because indifference causes one to lose their sense of compassion, mercy, empathy or kindness. 

Love can be termed as follow: When you give help when no one is watching, lend a hand to someone who you stand to gain nothing. Forget your self-interest to hear the cries of a seeming stranger, that is love. The love for God, the love for your neighbor as yourself and the love of good for its sake.

There will be two clear paths— the service to self and service to others path. We have free will to choose between the two but if you want the field of light, then be willing to give up pride and ego. When you keep evil secrets, you are protecting the dark. Be willing to bring darkness to light. Instead of keeping it a secret, bring it to the light of day, lest it continues to run amok.

Love beckons authenticity.

My book would be a call to action for those who are willing to put their ego aside and roll up their sleeves. Just as Angels in heaven do, who never tire for the sake of good and who live without self-grandiose which is an act of the wicked.

As Rumi quotes “The kindest people are not born that way, they are made. They are the ones that have experienced so much at the hands of life, they are the ones who have dug themselves out of the dark, who have fought to turn every loss into a lesson. The kindest people do not just exist – they choose to soften where circumstance has tried to harden them, they choose to believe in goodness, because they have seen firsthand why compassion is so necessary. They have seen firsthand why tenderness is so important in this world.”

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Picture of Khadijat Quadri, LPC, NCC, CHt

Khadijat Quadri, LPC, NCC, CHt

Khadijat Quadri, nee Omobolanle Khadijat Alatise is a Licensed Professional Counselor, speaker, and author of Indigen: Journeys of A Wounded Healer. She has a private practice and is experienced in program development and implementation of community-based mental health programs. Her education includes advanced degrees in mental health counseling and international development. She received additional training in contemplative group therapy, transpersonal psychology, hypnotherapy, Reiki energy healing, astrological psychology, advanced GDV assessment, advanced integrative therapy, energy psychology, biofeedback modalities, and sound frequency healing.

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Picture of Khadijat Quadri

Khadijat Quadri

Bioenergetic Healing Therapist
Author of Indigen

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