Divine Protection is The Truth

divine protection is the truth

Surrendering to The Divine Protection of God

God does protect to the extent of our surrender. No matter what our karma or destiny is, when we surrender, He does extend divine protection. It is so easy to absorb things that are not good for us. The many camouflaged images on television that are not born of truth, the many times we say yes to evil agreements. The bad food made to poison the soul. The friends with evil possessions but we hang out with them. The list is endless. If God is on your side, a spiders web can be like an iron rod. And if God is not on your side, an iron rod will be like a spiders web. If God decided to protect you, who can kill you?. If God is not on your side, you may be in the Forest but you will not have wood to light your fire. You will be by a river and not have water. Your bank account maybe fat and robust with money but you will live in poverty. God’s grace makes all the difference. If you have Grace, who can do anything to you?

Overcoming Fear to Achieve Our Highest Potential

These days, there is so much fear mongering so much so that all the media talks about is death. Fear of it, images of it, potential for it, risk and prevention of it. The more fear it seems the better ratings. Even the so called spiritualists are fear mongering. Fear is opposite of surrender. When we surrender to divine truth, we rest in the knowing of who and what we are. How many people truly surrender? Not many. Instead, we put our faith in vaccines, government, doctors who could care less and liars.

When we focus on our highest potential, which is enlightenment, we focus on life. With life there is peace, reason, neutrality, courage, love and acceptance. The opposite is guilt, shame, manipulation, addiction, and fear.  Today, clear thinking is rarely to be found on earth. In spite of this, a light of true recognition must at last come over all humanity.

divine protection

A Time of Reckoning

The time has arrived when everything unhealthy, invented by the human brain will be swept out of creation. The human brain will be unable to suppress the enlightenment that the truth wears a different aspect from the unsteady images. Images which boasts of conceit and commercialism, morbid imagination and hypocrisy and a craving for earthly power and earthy admiration all of which were created out of narrow mindedness.

Those who have lead millions of people astray and kept them enslaved in wrong mindedness will face their reckoning. Lies cannot hold in a space of truth. May they be courageous enough to open their eyes to the light even though it goes against their vile beliefs. May they listen attentively and examine inwardly to see whether the message comes nearer to their understanding than what they had learned in the past. May they open their ears and intuitive senses to feel the breath of fresh air that penetrates to them as spiritual activity.

Truth is Consistent. The Impossible Demands Faith.

Only the impossible demands blind faith. For whatever is possible immediately stimulates independent thinking. Wherever there is truth which is always characterized by naturalness and consistency, thinking and deep intuitive sensing automatically set in. It is only through deep intuitive sensing can anything become conviction which alone brings value to the human spirit.

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Picture of Khadijat Quadri, LPC, NCC, CHt

Khadijat Quadri, LPC, NCC, CHt

Khadijat Quadri, nee Omobolanle Khadijat Alatise is a Licensed Professional Counselor, speaker, and author of Indigen: Journeys of A Wounded Healer. She has a private practice and is experienced in program development and implementation of community-based mental health programs. Her education includes advanced degrees in mental health counseling and international development. She received additional training in contemplative group therapy, transpersonal psychology, hypnotherapy, Reiki energy healing, astrological psychology, advanced GDV assessment, advanced integrative therapy, energy psychology, biofeedback modalities, and sound frequency healing.

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Picture of Khadijat Quadri

Khadijat Quadri

Bioenergetic Healing Therapist
Author of Indigen

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