Divine Light & The Human Mind

divine light and the human mind

Divine Light is Everywhere

Divine Light is occurring all at once, everywhere. You can call it GOD, Universe, or the source of all energy. In our heart, we know what we are referring to. The Illumination of the Light is in all places, is fully Manifest in every point of space, and is Conscious of Itself. It Shines from within Itself, to Itself, by a Self- Produced Radiance. It is Self- Luminous and eternal. It never fades or goes out. It is the Wonder of all Wonders. It is the Sublime Mystery. It is God. Down to the most minuscule particle of this Light is Infinitely Creative. Therefore, the possibility of an infinite number of Universes.

The human mind is a manifestation of this Infinite Mind of Light. Our mind creates our own environment, our perceptions, believes and our environment influences our mind. The mind within us learns about itself by its own manifestations.

The Mind of Light is one with itself

The Mind of Light is One with the Universe it creates constantly, and our mind is One with our environment which we constantly create.

There is no past, present or future when it comes to the mind light. Everything is happening all at once. It is not linear but circular. It happens all at once, everywhere. The Infinite Mind of God creates the Universe every instant of time at every point of space, and the Infinite Mind of Light is One with that Creation—totally, one- hundred percent, absolutely One.

Similarly, our human mind is One with our own creations and perceptions, and our mind is One with the Infinite Mind of Light. The whole miraculous process arises from here. However, if we do not believe that there is a source light that feeds us and causes us to create, we can turn our mind away from it and instead, we perceive only darkness. 

The Mind, Body & Ego

We function in the mind, ego and body. The mind is the doer principle. The mind is everything! It flows out towards the ego (which is attached to the body) and the body, and the mind receives impulses from both the ego and the body. There is also a direct connection between your ego and your body.

So we can have two options. We can turn the mind towards the body and its ego and/or turn the mind towards the Self (Soul) and by the Mind of Light. The Light can also influence the mind and the Self can influence your mind. Notice also that there is an internal connection between the Self and the Light.

Upon the mind rests your success and your spiritual transformation. Upon the mind rests everything! You can receive a direct Inspiration into your mind from the Self (the Spirit within you) and from the Mind of Light (the Infinite Mind of God). You can choose to turn the mind towards the ego and cut off communication with the self and light. 

divine light

The State of Enlightenment

In the state of Enlightenment there is also a direct relationship between the Self and the Infinite Mind of Light. So a person who is Enlightened (in the true sense of the word) is the Self and the Infinite Mind of Light. Furthermore, he expresses himself through the mind, and down from the mind to the ego and the body. Thus, an Enlightened Being, such as a Buddha or a Christ, functions as a Mind- Being with an ego and a body, expressing the Self and the Infinite Mind of Divine Light.

There is no Healing except in the MIND

The corrupt systems of the world in trying to solve problems, creates new ones and continues an endless cycle of fixing people, society and culture. People are trying to patch up all the dead, diseased and dying. The “do- gooders” collect the bodies of the sick and the dying and try to patch them up, but they are not changing people’s minds! All the welfare organizations of the world are practically useless because they are patching up bodies, not minds. Yet the minds created those dead, sick and dying bodies!

The minds of people have to change and then there won’t be so many diseases and terrible miseries in the world. All of these are created by mind, so if you really want to do good to people, you have to help them change their minds. The mind has to be reoriented in the other direction, and then the Soul and the Infinite Mind of Light naturally come into view. The Soul becomes the Ruling Principle. The ego is normally the ruling principle, the “dictator” inside you, but when you have reoriented yourself, the Divine Self is your Ruling Principle. Similarly, the body is your instrument in this world, but when you have reoriented yourself, the Infinite Mind of Divine Light becomes your tool and instrument in the world. It all comes back to the reorientation of your mind.

Final Thoughts

This lesson is very important. It is the understanding of how we have created, do create and will create our destinies through the mind. Human words cannot adequately describe it, but as you experience some of these conditions it will make very clear sense to you.

2025 will be an interesting year for humanity. We will see the culmination of sick minds on this planet. We will see that we have done nothing to solve the real problems that cause sickness, disease, chaos and death. We will see just how vast the level of corruption of our so-called government, religious and healthcare institutions are. We will learn to speak up and direct our minds and heart to what is truth and just. 

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Picture of Khadijat Quadri, LPC, NCC, CHt

Khadijat Quadri, LPC, NCC, CHt

Khadijat Quadri, nee Omobolanle Khadijat Alatise is a Licensed Professional Counselor, speaker, and author of Indigen: Journeys of A Wounded Healer. She has a private practice and is experienced in program development and implementation of community-based mental health programs. Her education includes advanced degrees in mental health counseling and international development. She received additional training in contemplative group therapy, transpersonal psychology, hypnotherapy, Reiki energy healing, astrological psychology, advanced GDV assessment, advanced integrative therapy, energy psychology, biofeedback modalities, and sound frequency healing.

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  1. Well said Khadijat. Interestingly enough, looks like you posted this around the same date and time of the dawn of the Baha’i Faith, with the Declaration of the Bab (Gate) on the evening of May 22nd in 1844.

    1. Wow! I had no idea but so good to know. Even when we are not cognitively aware, divine synchronicity consistently moves us.

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Picture of Khadijat Quadri

Khadijat Quadri

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